Health insurance is there to help people who do not have coverage through an employer or if they are self employed. To determine what works best for you depends on a lot of variables that I will help you work through. Below will give you an overview of the differences between Obamacare and Short Term insurance.

OBAMACARE- Obamacare is deemed credible coverage and will cover medications. There are essential benefits that the government require to be covered. All pre-existing conditions are covered immediately. You may only sign up for this insurance during the Open Enrollment Period (Nov1-Dec 15) or if you qualify for a Special Election Period (loss of credible coverage, loss of Medicaid, getting divorced or just moved). Premiums and benefits are based on household size, age and annual income. So premiums and benefits range greatly. To get an accurate estimate of cost go to Get a Quote.

SHORT TERM- Short term allows people to purchase limited health insurance for a short duration. Plans coverage can last from 30-365 days long. Insurance will not cover anything that is pre-existing and there are health questions to see if you qualify. Premiums can be cheaper than Obamacare especially for higher income individuals. Short term should be purchased to help have some coverage until you can purchase credible coverage.

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